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Hit & Run Accidents

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Few things a motorist can encounter will be more frustrating than being hit by a driver who then chooses to flee the scene before identifying information can be exchanged. As unthinkable as they may be, hit and run accidents occur every day all around the country, leaving thousands of people each year wondering if they have any chance of recovering fair damages.

At William R. Hall, P.A., I hope to provide people with the solution to this unique and complex legal problem. With my advocacy and guidance, you may still be able to receive proper compensation after a hit and run driver leaves you injured and your car damaged.

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Identifying a Hit & Run Driver

Before you get swept up in filing a claim and related litigation, there may still be a chance that you can identify the hit and run driver and hold them directly accountable for their actions. The first thing you need to do after being struck by a driver who leaves before they can be identified is call emergency responders, including the police. With their
assistance, you can get medical attention if necessary and begin the search for the criminal motorist.

Try to tell the police the following information to help them track down the hit and run driver:

Make, model, and color of vehicle.

Where on its frame the other car struck yours.

Direction it was heading when it left.

Basic information about the driver.

If you are lucky, the driver will be identified, caught, and arrested. You will then be able to file a normal car accident claim against them, either using their insurance for recoveries or suing them in civil court directly.

When a Hit & Run Driver Escapes

Unfortunately, many hit and run accident cases do not end in favor of the injured driver. A driver so set on not being held liable for their wrongdoing is usually determined to escape and does. Not being able to identify the driver does not mean the end of your case and the elimination of your chances. If you have uninsured-underinsured motorist insurance coverage, your own insurance provider should help you pay for your damages. When or if they deny your claim, you should talk to me about filing a lawsuit against them for the fair recovery you have been paying for through monthly premiums.

Bottom Line: Do Not Give Up

If there is one thing I want to tell my clients, it is to never accept that you are out of luck and defeated. With a dedicated and knowledgeable Salisbury car accident lawyer such as myself by your side, there may always be a chance that you get financial support after being hurt by a hit and run driver. The easiest way to know if you have grounds for a lawsuit against one party or another is schedule a free case evaluation with my team. Contact my law firm to claim yours.

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